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Chinese Herbal Remedies That Treat the Symptoms and the Cause

Chinese herbal remedies are intended to balance or strengthen body's own functions so that eventually the patient can stop taking them and never become dependent on them. Most remedies have no side effects at all. They work as nourishing the body not killing bacterials. Through nourishing to strengthen immune system and lead to self healing.

For example, a lot of people cannot live their everyday life without pain medication but those pain management drugs are only for temperary pain relief. In most cases the patient's conditions keep getting worse and doctors will prescripe stronger drugs for them to control the pain. For most health issues there is no cure by using prescription drugs because they only treat the symptoms not the cause. Different from Western prescription drugs Chinese Herbal remedies treat the cause to eliminate the symptoms.

For example, the case of lower back pain, according to the theory of Chinese medicine, if the pain is not caused by injury, lower back pain is due to Kidney deficiency. Many Kidney deficiency cases do not mean the patients have kidney diseases. It means the kidneys are in a dysfunction condition. Some Chinese remedies can improve kidney's function and nourish kidney essense. "Du Huo Ji Sheng Wan" and Jin Gui Sheng Qi Wan" are used for strengthening the kidney's energy and functions. "Zuo Gui Wan" and "Liu Wei Di Huang Wan" are used for nourishing the kidney's essence to treat all aging related problems.

Keeping the kidneys healthy can avoid lower back pain, knee pain, weakness of the legs and the ankles. In most cases only a few bottles of the remedy are needed to see the results.


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