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An Advanced Medical System - Traditional Chinese Medicine

What is traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)? Last several years, more and more using Chinese medicine for their healthcare need even they didn't know exactly what is Chinese medicine. Many people think Chinese medicine is Acupuncture. Actually Acupuncture is only one treatment in Chinese medicine practice. Traditional Chinese Medicine is a complete and advanced medical system.

TCM doesn't rely on conventional western medicine, it is practiced independently for thousands of years. This medical system includes diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, and prevention of diseases. When western medicine still challenged by new diseases, the theory of Chinese medicine covered all health issues. In most cases the causes of diseases are unknown to western medical study and there is no reliable treatment available. The treatment and prescription drugs in western medicine intend to control the condition and often cause serious side effects. The treatment of Chinese medicine focus on improving the function of organ systems and balancing the abnormal conditions. It treats the symptoms and the causes. Well trained Chinese medicine practitioners do not rely on any modern technology to do diagnosis, they have the ability of from visible to see invisible, It means from the visible symptoms they can recognize internal disorders. They have the knowledge and experience to diagnose the cause of the symptoms, and treat both the symptoms and the cause.

The principle of TCM is balance and harmony that is the principle of the Universe as well. When nature is balanced and harmonized we enjoy the good weather, when our body systems are balanced and harmonized we enjoy good health. In TCM the treatment, the goal is not killing bacterial but focus on balancing and harmonizing the organic systems by strengthening the deficient condition, sedate the excess conditions, cool the heat, warm up the cold, moisten the dryness, drain the dampness, open the blocked channels, remove the stagnation, and soften the hardness. The treatment in TCM include Acupuncture, Tuina (medical massage), cupping therapy, Moxibusion therapy, Guasha therapy, herbal remedies, food therapy, and therapeutic exercises.

The benefits of Chinese medicine are safe, no side effects, effective and affordable. All therapies in TCM are natural and performed on the surface of the body include treating the internal disorders. 80% of surgeries are avoidable by using this alternative medicine. Chinese herbal medicine is a profound knowledge. Chinese herbal remedies are made of very balanced combination of herbs to eliminate the side effects and increase its effectiveness. The function of all herbal remedies are balancing abnormal condition, nourishing the body and strengthening the function of the organ systems. Chinese herbal medicine is effective and affordable, it is a fabulous source for self-healing and maintaining good health.

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