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"Overactive bladder" is not Caused by Dysfunction of Urinary Bladder but Kidney Deficiency

I am not sure that if “overactive bladder” is a medical term from conventional western medicine, I learned it from TV commercials. I searched online and found out the symptoms of “overactive bladder” include urgent urination, incontinence of urination, or frequent urination during the day and night. According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine these abnormal urination problems are not caused by the dysfunction of the urinary bladder but the dysfunction of the kidneys. In order to have urinary bladder functioning normally the treatment and the herbal remedies are used in Chinese medicine focusing on strengthening the function of kidneys. Both treatment and herbal remedies can improve the condition quickly. Western medical study focusing on urinary bladder, so far the etiology of “overactive bladder” is still unknown and there is no reliable treatment available.

Ms Arlene is one of my patients who shared her horrible experiences with me at her first visit. She had frequent urination problem. She had to get up to urinate every hour during the night. Her primary doctor said that a test need to be done in order to make diagnosis. The doctor asked her to keep a record of how much water she drinks everyday and also use a cup to measure how much urine she urinate out day and night for one week. Can you imagine how troublesome to do that? Ms Arlene is an excellent patient. She did exactly what the doctor told her to do. Unfortunately, with that record, her doctor still cannot give her a diagnosis and has no treatment for her. Then her doctor sent her to see a specialist. The specialist asked her to do the same test for another week. How ridiculous! Anyway, after another week of measuring water and urine, the specialist cannot make diagnosis either. He ordered another test that is insane. They put a tube from her vagina into her bladder and from there took some urine sample. This is ridiculous! The urine inside of her bladder and the urine she urinate out from her bladder are not same? After she went through all the trouble and painful tests she didn’t get a diagnosis and any treatment from the specialist. To fix this problem some women had surgeries done on their vaginas. One woman told me the surgery helps, other women told me the surgery doesn’t make any difference at all. Besides the urination problems, Ms Arlene also had lower back pain, swelling legs, and bad knees. According to Chinese medicine theory, the cause of all these problems are due to the kidneys deficiency. After received a couple of treatments of Chinese medicine and took a couple of Chinese herbal remedies her condition improved quickly. After the first treatment she only urinated two times during the night, and the pain in her lower back and knees were gone. I hope people learn a lesson from Arlene’s experience, use common sense to protect yourself, say no to the treatment if you think it is harmful.

Molly is a very active woman, at the age of 70 she still plays tennis 3 times a week, but there is a problem, when she is running will cause leaking the urine. She received a few times of Moxibustion treatment and I recommended that taking a Chinese herbal remedy "Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan" can help strengthening the function of her kidneys. She took a couple of bottles the remedy and her problem solved. The treatment and herbal remedies in Chinese medicine are very effective and without any side effects. All men and women over the age of 50 can use those natural therapies and herbal remedies to keep themselves healthy. I am sure nobody wants to ware diapers and fortunately nobody has to. Wish everyone healthy and active.

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