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The Healing Power of Cupping Therapy

On July 12, 2016 I started to treat a 65-year-old female patient. She has been suffering from very painful Rheumatoid arthritis since 2008. To relieve the pain, her doctor constantly treat her with IV treatment, antibiotics, and chemotherapy drugs for eight years. Both of her hands are inflamed with severe pain. The side effects of IV treatment and prescription drugs caused serious damages to her lungs, liver, and her kidneys. Her lungs filled with fluid, her chest congested with mucus, she was coughing a lot and had trouble to breath. Her tongue was in dark purple color and full of ulcers. She couldn't eat solid food. The damages of her liver and kidneys causing her abdomen bloated and hard. The pain in her lower back and knees made her difficult to walk. During the night she urinates 5 to 6 times.

My treatment plan is focusing on recovering the functions of the lungs and pain relief. Cupping therapy is the best therapy for treating lung related problems. She had treatment twice a week for one month. Her general condition improved. Cough stopped, her breath is fine, ulcers on her tongue healed, and urination at night reduced to 2 times. I thought it was the time to focus on improving the functions of her liver and kidneys.

On August 15, 2016 She rushed to my house and told me that because Miami had some zika cases and the virus spread through mosquito's bite, her mother sprayed a chemical inside their house. Immediately, she couldn't breath, she started to whizzing and cough blood. She rushed to an ER and was told by the doctor that she had pneumonia, and the doctor prescribed 3 kind of antibiotics for her. She took the antibiotic once, the drug caused her head swollen. I treated her with Acupuncture and cupping therapy (flashing cupping technique). After this treatment, she cough less and without blood.

Her health condition kept improving slowly and steady. On August 31, all lung related symptoms were gone. She told me that she plan to sue her doctors. "No". I told her: "You shouldn't sue your doctors because when you were suffering from the pain, you went to them for help and they use their knowledge to help you, even their treatment is not perfect, they did what they know." She gave up that idea. A week later, she came for her treatment and told me that she had a meeting with her doctors, one of them is a lung specialist. At the meeting she complained that their medicine almost killed her and cupping therapy cured her lung problems. That pulmonologist checked her lungs and found out that both of her lungs are cleared. I was so glad to know that. In my practice, I only know that if a patience's symptoms were gone, she was cured. I cannot check the condition of the internal organs.

One of the side effects of chemotherapy is causing the accumlation in the lungs. In west medicine, to solve this problem is using a tube to drain the fluid. It is a painful treatment. Using cupping therapy to treat this problem without any pain and very effective. According to my record, all the cases only received one or two treatments the problem solved.

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