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Natural Healthcare for Depression

The cause of depression is still an unsolved mystery. In my practice, I have met people who were taking anti-depressant medication for 10 to 20 years without any improvement, I also met some people recovered completely from depression without taking antidepressant medication. I would like to share a different explanation about depression and a different approach in treating this mental illness.

Mental illness is a complicated health issue. The causes of human diseases can be at different level. Some health issues are at physical level and can be easily cured, such as mild injuries or chronic diseases due to unhealthy lifestyle. Depression is a more complcated health issue because it involves physical, emotional and enegy. Depression patients are physically unhealthy and with unbalanced emotions that led themselves to mental disorders.

To explain the cause of depression, I have to reveal a truth that the western medical system is developed through the study of human body, and the study started from anatomy and physiology. Scientists cut open the dead human bodies to study the structure and the functions of a human body. Their studies are limited at physical and visible level. Western medical studies do not include energy, emotions, and the human mind.

According to the theory of Chinese medicine, a complete human has two systems. One is the physical system which is familiar to us. Another is an intangible system. The intangible system includes energy, functions, emotions, and the mind. Depression is a health issue that involves the problems in physical, energy, emotions, and the mind. Lack of understanding of this intangible system , there is no way to understand and treat mental illness.

There are many factors in a person's life that can cause unbalanced emotions, like stress at work, tension in a relationship, drama in the family, etc. Physically the major cause of depression is energy deficiency. Long term living under emotional frustration can lead to energy deficiency. When a person lives with unbalanced emotions, such as unhappiness, grief, worry, sad, and fear, those are energy consuming emotions that can lead to energy deficiency.

I want my readers to remember this. A human's physical body need foods and water to be alive. His soul also needs nourishment from soul food. What is soul food? The feeling of happiness is soul food.

Why do people with depression have suicidal thoughts?

To answer this question, I need to reveal some secrets of life. All lives living on this planet, their energy level must match the energy level of the earth. Different places on earth have different energy level. For example, New York's energy level is higher than Miami, elderly people with low energy are prefer to live in Miami. The energy of New York is attractive to young people. If a person's energy level below a certain point of earth energy, it is uncomfortable for the soul to stay. This is one reason that some people with depression can have suicidal thoughts.

Another reason is that every soul who came to this world has desire to experience and create. Earth is a very special planet, it offers endless challenges for souls to progress and create. If in a person's life, there is no more projects to work on, there is no new experiences appealing to the soul, the soul can loss the interest to stay here.

Some psychiatrists discovered that depression is a side effect of many commonly used prescription drugs. Some medications people taking have side effects on digestive system. A human body relies on the metabolic system to transform food into energy and blood. The metabolic system is the sourice for energy and blood. Poor metabolism can cause blood and energy deficiency. A person must have good energy to have a clear mind and be active.

If you always feel tired or with slow metabolism, you can take Chinese herbal remedy "Bu Zhong Yi Qi Wan" to improve your condition.

Another sympton of depression is trouble sleeping (insomnia or excessive sleeping). Pain and emotional stress can cause insomnia. Chinese medicine can bring fabulous result in treating pain and emotional stress. excessive sleeping can deplete more energy. If your loved one in this condition, make sure he/she eat well and has some activity during the day. By doing this you can help your loved one recover from depression.

Another symptom of depression is cold sweat. Cold sweat in upper body indicate general energy dificiency. If the person also has heart palpitations that is due to energy deficiency of the heart. The heart doesn't have energy to make normal heart beat. Chinese herbal remedy "Fu Fang Dan Shen" can improve the function of the heart, strengthening the heart energy, and promote blood circulation of the heart. Many people with depression, their feet are cold and damp that indicates the energy deficient of the kidneys. Chinese herbal remedy "Du Huo Ji Sheng Wan" can strengthen the function and energy of the kidneys.

Over all, we cannot coach people to change their mental state. The stratege of Chinese medicine in treating depression is by strengthening physical condition to improve the mental health.

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