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The Connection between Pain and Internal Disorders

All of us have experiences of pain. If we know the cause of the pain and have reliable treatment to end the pain, we can live a happier and more productive life. Pain is the most common health problem in all healthcare facilities. Although many pain are due to some health issues, it is the pain that alerts people to seek medical help. I hope the information I share can help you gain the clarity of your condition and free yourself from the suffering of pain. We can divide all pain into two types of pain, acute pain and chronic pain.

Most acute pains are due to injuries or surgeries. Serious injuries with open wounds or broken bones should go to the ER immediately. For mild and moderate injuries, such as a muscle strain, or tendon and ligament sprains usually take a few months for complete recovery. During this time, people may need pain medication to deal with the pain. For example, post knee surgery cases, patients suffer swollen, inflamed knees, and severe pain. For these cases Moxibustion therapy can clear the inflammation, elevate pain and promote healing.

Another type of the pain is chronic pain that can be dull pain, sharp pain, or burning pain, and the pain may comes and goes, or consistently remind you that there is something wrong. Pain is not a disease but a symptom. Most people rely on pain medication to get temporary relief but that can cover up the cause of the pain and the cause of the pain could be serious. Chinese medicine is holistic medicine, the theory of Chinese medicine can help us to understand the connection between the muscle pain and the internal disorders. Let me explain that connection.

Let’s start with headaches. Emotion of anger and tress can cause headaches. Blood deficiency, lack of blood moving up nourishing the head also can cause headaches. Acupuncture treatment and head massage can bring immediate relief. I cannot stress enough the benefits of massage therapy. Getting regular head massage can relief stress, anxiety, headaches, improve memory, improve insomnia, and prevent stroke. Another benefit is by stimulating the scalp, promoting blood circulation, it is even good for healthy hair.

Next, let’s talk about back pain. Upper back pain can related to the disorders of the lungs, or heart. Massage and cupping therapy are very effective in treating upper back pain. Getting regular massage with cupping therapy on upper back can also improve the condition of the lungs and the heart. Digestion problems can cause pain in the middle back. Massage applied on the middle back can relief the pain also improve the condition of digestive system.

The lower back is a very commonly seen problem that is due to the weakness of the kidneys. Many people looking for deep tissue massage for their lower back pain, and massage therapists also believe that deep tissue massage can reduce lower back pain. In many cases, they made the pain worse. Lower back pain, sciatica pain, hip pain, weakness of the legs, knee pain, problems in ankles or feet, from waist down all problems are due to the deficiency of the kidneys. Mental work, physical work, having sex, making babies, and growth all consume the kidney's energy and essence. Strong lower extremities, good memory, healthy bones, the quality of sexual life, aging and beauty all depend on the health of the kidneys.

One day, a 60-year-old man came to see me for severe lower back pain. After he took off his clothes, I saw scars on his lower back, right knee, and right ankle from various surgeries. If using Chinese medicine taking care of his kidneys, he could have avoided those surgeries.

Talk about surgeries, I have another story. Many years ago, a 52-year-old woman came because of severe lower back pain. Her doctor’s diagnosis was her kidneys were not functioning. I didn’t see her often. Every time she came is because she couldn’t stand the horrible lower back pain and all I could do is helping her to get some relief with therapies in Chinese medicine. One day she told me that soon she will start kidney dialysis treatment. I told her that the kidney dialysis treatment cannot restore the function of her kidneys. What she cared about is her health insurance pay for the treatment. A year later, she came with horrible pain in her lower back. This time she told me that she will have a kidney transplant surgery in a couple of months. She believed that after the surgery she will be pain free, but what she didn’t know is, if a car need change a part, we always can get a brand new auto part. For human organs we can only get used organs. For about three years, I didn’t hear from her, when I thought of her, I was wondering if she was still alive. Then one day she came with the same horrible pain. About her kidney transplant surgery, she said she had received five surgeries because the kidney she received was an infected one. In order to save that kidney, she went through another 3 surgeries. After she suffered so much pain, finally, she insisted to remove that infected kidney. My opinion is every organ plays an important role in the system, Take good care of your original organs and try to avoid organ removal surgeries.

Massage therapy is very popular now. Massage not only relieves pain but also improves the condition of the internal organs. As I getting older, I think getting regular massage is a great way to love myself. Regular massage can keep you body and mind healthy and strong.

Thank you for reading and I wish you the best of health.

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