Coronavirus (COVID-19) Mechanism and Self-Rescue Measures (1)

When people are infected by coronavirus, the first thing that comes to mind is hospitalization for treatment. I believe that facing this global epidemic people must learn to help themselves. To safe their own lives, people need a clear understanding of Coronavirus mechanism and proven self-help methods. Dr Jun Wu’s lecture includes both coronavirus mechanism and practical self-rescue measures. I translate it from Chinese into English and share with as many people as possible. Hope we can use the knowledge and methods to end this pandemic soon.

Dr Jun Wu is a doctor of medical science engaged in microbiology and oncology research in the United States. He is an associate professor at City of Hope Medical Center, one of the largest cancer hospitals also a directer of the animal tumor laboratory. The following is Dr Wu’s lecture at a global public health conference.

Why current advanced medical facilities cannot save patients’ lives?

In China, thousands of people died of coronavirus infection in the hospitals, and that include some doctors and nurses. One of the cases was Dr Ling Hong, my classmate in the medical school. He was engaged in molecular biology research. On January 25th, he started having a fever, on February 4th his nucleic acid test was positive, he was hospitalized on February 5th and died on February 7th. Such cases tell us that in the later stage of this disease, even hospitals have medical equipment like ventilator and ECMO still they cannot save lives. Because the death of coronavirus patients is caused by the excessive immune response produced a large number of free radicals that caused damage to the internal organs.

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