Coronavirus (COVID-19) Mechanism and Self-Rescue Measures (3)

Early treatment is the key.

The most important thing to do is symptomatic treatment. During the first and second stages, the excessive immune response must be suppressed. Many doctors do not know the mechanism of this disease, they will use some antiviral drugs such as Ostamvir. (I am not sure the name is correct.) In fact, at the second stage the amount of the virus is already very low and eliminate the virus is not important. That’s why some people no longer have a fever and their nucleic acid test result is negative but they are still dead because the damage to the major organs cannot be repaired. Those antiviral drugs are not useful in the late stage treatment. The treatment should focus on avoid the major organs being damaged.

Hormones are also commonly used medicine. Hormones can suppress the immune response but they are not effective in late stage treatment. Most patients are hospitalized only when they are seriously ill. For those who have respiratory failure, using hormones is not useful. The sequelae of hormones are terrible. Hormones can disrupt the absorption of bone calcium and cause osteoporosis led to some people have to use wheelchair in the rest of their life.

Some medical guidelines talk about using antibiotics. Antibiotics can suppress secondary bacteria infections and they are not antiviral medicine.

What treatment is available?

Now we understand the mechanism of COVID-19 and free radical is the killer. What can we do to save lives?

Vitamin C and Vitamin E are natural, strong free radical scavenging supplement. Vitamin E is ten times stronger than vitamin C. As health care supplement, you can take vitamin C 500 mg and vitamin E 100 IU daily. To treat the first and the second stage coronavirus, the patients need to take 3000 mg vitamin C daily, do not exceed 3000 mg, also take vitamin E up to 1000IU daily. This is the measure of treatment, not for health care purpose. If you are not infected and have no early stage symptoms such as soreness all over the body, fatigue, and other cold symptoms do not use such a large amount.

Resting well and drinking a lot of water. Replenish electrolytes lost due to fever and sweat, and expel toxins from the body. Many patients who recovered from coronavirus infection emphasize drinking plenty of water is very helpful.

What else can we use? Chinese herbs like Ban Lan Gen, Jin Yin Hua, etc. These herbs do not kill the virus but remove free radicals to protect the internal organs. Another Chinese herbal remedy Xiao Chai Hu Tang is very effective in treating flu. These medicines do not require a prescription, have no negative side effects, and are inexpensive. I am not a Chinese medicine doctor, I won’t talk much about Chinese herbal remedies.

If you think what I said make sense, please share with your family and friends, especially the people who have been infected, let them take self-rescue measures immediately, don’t wait for the condition to get serious and be hospitalized, it may be too late.

I studied Chinese medicine and have a master degree in Chinese medicine, I will use another blog to share detailed information on Chinese remedies used in treating coronavirus. Gina

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