The Truth You Should Know About COVID-19

Florida added 15,000 new COVID-19 confirmed cases in a single day. This disturbing news caused more worry and stress. I hope this article can bring some peace to your mind. There are two reasons for people to calm down.

First, are those testing results are 100% accurate?

Recently some people asked me what they should do, they have coronavirus symptoms but their test results are negative. Also we know that many people were tested positive and they don’t have any coronavirus symptoms. My suggestion is keeping some Chinese herbal remedies at home and taking them if you have symptoms or you were tested positive without symptoms.

Second, testing is a very shallow strategy. So far those top healthcare experts didn’t offer any reliable solutions. Their knowledge made them so mind closed. Their research is limited in their labs. Their research should cover how the countries in Asia and Europe took control this pandemic. The government and media draw people's attention on those testing numbers, instead to take a closer look to the people who were tested positive and show them what they can do to cure themselves at the early stage of the disease.

In this country, we are using a strategy of testing and spending billions of dollars on the research of new drugs and vaccines. This strategy has been used long enough to prove that it doesn’t work well. The good news is the medicine for cure COVID-19 is already exist. The cure is in Chinese medicine.

Before 1949, for more than 2000 years, China had more than 300 large scale pandemics. The Chinese only rely on Chinese medicine took control the pandemics. This time China put the COVID-19 pandemic under control in 2 1/2 months.

At the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, they treated the patients with Western medicine only and soon they found the treatment didn’t work well, then they started to use Chinese medicine to treat COVID-19 patients and for prevention.

Here is a data from China.

Western Medicine Chinese Medicine

Number of Cases: 320 320

Number of Death: 113 0

Cure Time: 20 days or more Average 7 days

Treatment Method: antibiotic, hormone Chinese herbal remedies

therapy, Ventilator and Acupuncture

Sequelae: Damages in all internal organs No sequelae

Cost per patient: $57,143 Less than $100

Biomedical waste: Biomedical waste due to COVID-19 The only biomedical

have seriously polluted our ocean waste is Acupuncture needles

Actually, before this study finished, many patients in Western medicine group went to Chinese medicine for help, so western medicine didn’t treat 320 patients.

Here are the Chinese herbal remedies used for COVID-19 pandemic.

1. Lian Hua Qing Wen 2. Yin Qiao San

3. Qing Wen Bai Du Yin 4. Ma Xing Shi Gan Tang

5. Wu Wei Bai Du Yin 6. Bai He Jiu Fei

7. Ban Lan Gen Herbal Tea

I keep #7 at home. if anyone in the family has symptoms, the whole family drink the herbal tea. In June a mother and her daughter had strong symptoms as cough, no energy, and pain in the internal organs. They drank that herbal tea everyday and on the day 4th all their symptoms gone. Two months later the daughter got married. You can buy the herbal tea on Amazon or in some Chinese food stores.

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