Chinese Medicine for Improving Vision

Gina Yang

In the year 2020, do you still have a 20/20 vision? Digital technology brought us into an information age. Every day a lot of fascinating information satisfies our curiosity, computers and smartphones has become indispensable in our daily life, unfortunately, there is a serious side effect of using these digital devices that is vision loss. During the last several years, I have been using Chinese medicine treatment helped many people with common eye disorders, such as Glaucoma, floaters, and vision loss. The treatment is safe, natural, and effective. All people who received the treatment can see better after the first treatment.

What is the cause of the vision loss? There are two situations that can lead to vision loss.

One situation is that many people have to use computers to complete their daily work, or people spend a lot of time on screened devices, such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets that can cause eye fatigue with symptoms such as dry eyes, pain and pressure in the eyes. According to the theory of Chinese medicine, overuse of eyes can deplete the blood in the head. Lack of blood to nourish optic nerves can cause floaters and dim eyesight.

Another situation is aging related vision loss. After age of 50, all internal organs start to age and eyes age along with the rest of the body. We cannot stop aging but we can use Chinese medicine to slow down the process of vision loss.

So far, the cases I have done include Glaucoma, blurred vision, floaters, and vision loss due to aging. All the people who received the treatment, their vision improved after the first treatment. Eyesight is so important in our daily life. I invite you to try this treatment with a $20 discount. The original price is $80, so you only pay $60 for your treatment. If you buy two treatments at the price of $80, you will get one treatment free. That will be $160 for three treatments.

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