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A Case of Lung Issue

Many cases were simple cases at the beginning. After the patients received some harmful treatment for a long period of time, their health issues become complicated.

July 12, 2016 I started to treat a 65-year-old female patient. She has been suffering from Rheumatoid arthritis since 2008. Both of her hands are inflamed with severe pain. To control the pain, she received chemotherapy, the side effects of the drugs caused serious damage to her lungs, liver, and kidneys. Her lungs filled with fluid, her chest congested with mucus, she couldn’t swallow food, she had hoarse voice, she cough and difficult to breath. Her stomach was so bloated. She had no appetite and her tongue is in dark purple color and full of ulcers. She couldn’t eat solid food only has some soup as a meal. She gained 100 Ibs weight in 8 years. I suspect she has been suffering from liver disease, such as Cirrhosis but her doctor thinks she is fat. She had severe lower back pain and knee pain. She was using a wheel chair to move around. She urinated 5 to 6 times during the night and the color of her urine is dark brown. According to the theory of Chinese medicine, lower back pain, knee pain, and frequent urination during the night are due to the dysfunction of the kidneys. She has shingles on her thigh. This is a complicated case, I should treat the urgent condition first. In this case, all of her conditions are urgent.

Among all of her problems, shingles was the easiest one to be cured. An external use herbal remedy cleared the shingles in a few days.

She had three treatment sessions a week at the beginning. The first 13 sessions I used Cupping therapy to improve her lung condition. Moxibusion therapy was used to strengthen energy and treat the inflammation in her hands. All of her conditions were improved. During this period of time she took two bottles of herbal remedy “Zuo Gui Wan” for nourishing kidney’s essence. When her kidneys’ condition improved, she only urinated 1-2 times during the night. The ulcers in her mouth started to heal.

One day, Isa came to my house in a very bad shape. She said that after her mother watched a TV news that there were several Zika cases found in Miami, she sprayed some chemical in their house. That chemical caused Isa a serious reaction, she couldn’t breath and cough blood. She rushed to an ER and was diagnosed as pneumonia and her doctor prescribed 3 kind of antibiotics for her. After she took the antibiotics, her face were swollen and inflamed. She still cough blood, whizzing, and had difficulty to breath. I did 30 minutes “fire flashing cupping” technique on her upper back. This technique is very effective in treating lung related problems. The treatment was a success. After that session she cough less without blood.

After a few more treatment sessions, the symptoms that related to her lungs were all gone. She was checked by a pulmonary specialist and the result show that both of her lungs have no accumulation of fluid.


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