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Poor Digestion Case

A 46-year-old woman came to my office for her appointment. She looked very stressful. Her major complain is digestion problems started at the age around 20. The symptoms include stomach pain, bloating, vomiting, dizziness and depression. I noticed that both of her arms were swollen and inflamed. She told me that she was just released from a hospital, the swollen of her arms caused by IV treatment. The nurse couldn’t find her vine so she put needles all over her arms. She said: “Gina, the doctor suspected that I forced myself to vomit, that is the reason they kept me in the hospital. I didn’t force myself vomit.” I told her: “ I believe you because I know why you vomit.”

For this case, the cause of vomiting is due to insufficient energy of the stomach. In the theory of Chinese medicine, there is a complete, very detailed explanation on energy. The study of energy in western medicine is vacancy. In a normal condition, the stomach energy is moving downward to push the processed food to the next step for metabolism. If the stomach energy is weak, the food stays in the stomach for a longer time. The patient can feel stomach bloating, lack of appetite, even vomiting. In many cases, unbalanced emotions can affect the liver and lead to liver energy (gas) invade the stomach that also can cause vomiting.

In a one-hour session, she received the treatment which include massage therapy to release the emotional stress and Moxibustion therapy was used to strengthen her energy and digestive system. Taking one bottle of Chinese herbal remedy for improving her metabolism. A week later, her father came and told me: “It’s hard to believe, for her vomiting problem, we had searched for the cure more than 20 years. She came here only received one session of the treatment and took one bottle herbal remedy, her vomiting stopped.” The correct diagnosis and treatment are the key to cure.

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