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Where Is the Origin of Coronavirus?

Gina Yang

The Covid-19 is an unprecedented pandemic that caused by coronavirus spreading across the globe. Coronavirus is a super virus, it is invisible, it is highly contagious, it keeps mutating, it is more intelligent than human science. Former U.S. president Donald Trump called it Chinese virus to blame Asians created and spread the coronavirus that caused the rising of anti-Asian hate crimes. I don’t blame Mr Trump for this situation because he didn’t get education in science and most of what he said is nonsense. I blame those who are experts in medical field and the authority in CDC of the U.S. Under their guidance, Americans still live in the shadow of Covid-19 pandemic. They have no idea where this virus came from and how to end this pandemic. In this blog, I will uncover the origin of this super virus, also I want to let people know that at this time, the good karma in a person's life is the invincible protection.

There is a Wuhan “lab leak” theory and WHO sent a team to Wuhan investigating the origin of Covid-19 in 2020. The virus leak from a laboratory in Wuhan is a fake news from We Chat. We Chat is a social media, some Chinese people put fake news on it to attract traffic for making money. Chinese scientists found coronavirus in a seafood market in Wuhan that is true and that seafood market is the initial outbreak of coronavirus in China, but the city of Wuhan is not the origin of this Pandemic. It is impossible for this virus spreading from one city to all over the world in a few months.

In January, 2020 Chinese doctors who were working in a Wuhan hospital are the first health professionals recognized some people who were rushing to the hospital for help were infected with a deadly and very contagious virus. At that time I was in Beijing China, from the news we also heard that more than 2000 Americans died of “flu”. At the end of January, on my fight back to the U.S., all Chinese passengers and Chinese flight attendants wear face masks, American people didn’t. Back in Miami, some friends told me that they got very sick In December 2019 but they didn’t know what they got. Several months later, some of them still suffering the sequelae of COVID.

Covid-19 has spreading in every country on earth but no one country is the origin of this pandemic because like what I said at the beginning, coronavirus is much more intelligent than human science, it is not created by human. Coronavirus is a very ancient virus, they were sealed in the icebergs of North and South Poles for millions of years. We, humans have caused serious environmental pollution which caused the melting of the icebergs in North and South Poles that led to the virus released in the ocean. This very advanced virus was brought to all parts of the world by the sea. (Remember the seafood market in the city of Wuhan) North Pole and South Pole are not belong to any country, so no one country should be blamed for this pandemic, but all human beings on earth are responsible for the pollution of the earth and have to pay the price.

To fight this ancient virus, western medicine with a few hundred years of history cannot defeat it. The medicine can treat and prevent Covid-19 is traditional Chinese medicine. Since last year we helped many families recovered from Covid-19, those cases proved the treatment and Chinese herbal remedies are very effective, they have no side effects, and are very low cost. If you are interested in information on how to use Chinese medicine to treat and prevent COVID, check my next post ' How to Take Care the Sequelae of COVID?'

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