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I offer the best quality of services, reasonable prices, and a relaxing environment. All the therapies and products I use are natural and without any side effects. My specialty is Chinese medical massage. Every session is evaluated on a personal basis and I will choose the best treatment plan for you. I combine different therapies in one session and you will get amazing results from every visit. In my 16 years of practice, people walk into my office with pain and walk out pain-free. For the knowledge I have and the cases I have done, I am one of the best in traditional Chinese medicine.


                                                 Chinese Medical Massage

Chinese Medical Massage covers soft tissue problems and chronic health issues. At the end of each session, you can see improvement for the following conditions:

Pain management: All acute and chronic pain / stiff neck / frozen shoulder /Upper & lower back pain / mild injury

Lung related health issues: cough / Flu / breathing problems / asthma /pneumonia / pulmonary edema

Internal medicine: headaches / insomnia / Hypertension / poor metabolism /constipation / diarrhea / Anemia / weight loss  heart diseases / diabetes / menopausal syndrome

Kidney related health issues: Edema / frequent urination / urgent urination / difficult urination / kidney stones

Skin diseases: Dry & itchy skin / Eczema / Shingles / Psoriasis

Eye problems: Dim eyesight / Glaucoma / eye pain / blurry vision

Mental Health issues: Depression / Anxiety / Alzheimer's disease.

The session includes diagnosis, treatment, and herbal consultation.

$80 for a one-hour session

$50 for a 40 minutes session

$120 for an hour and a half session


                                       Post Cosmetic Surgery Treatment
Post cosmetic surgery treatment includes manual lymphatic drainage massage, Guasha therapy, and Moxibustion therapy. Guasha therapy is very effective for eliminating edema. Moxibustion therapy can bring immediate results in relieving pain, eliminating inflammation to speed up healing, and eliminating scar tissues. You can see impressive results at the end of the first session.
                                                 Sports Massage

Sports Massage is designed to enhance athletic performance and recovery. Pre-event massage helps to warm up muscles, prepare athletes mantle focused on an upcoming event, and promote flexibility to avoid injury. A post-event massage helps to calm down the mental and nervous system, also relax contracted muscles. The session includes massage and other therapies.

$80 for a one-hour session

$50 for a 40 minutes session

$120 for an hour and a half session


                                                              Prenatal Massage

During pregnancy, moms experience physical discomfort and emotional stress. The benefits of prenatal massage include physical and emotional stress relief, ease of muscle aches, and tension in the lower back. Promote body fluid circulation to reduce swelling. For malposition of the fetus, natural therapy can help to correct the fetus's position, and the success rate is over 80%.

$80 for a one-hour session


                                                           Inducing Labor Massage

The benefit of inducing labor massage is preventing prolonged labor. Parturition lasting over twenty-four is defined as prolonged labor. The causes of prolonged labor are as follow:

  • Emotional stress: Fear or too much worry over the oncoming delivery can lead to the impaired flow of energy and blood. Inducing labor massage helps the mom to relax and get ready to have an easy and normal labor. During the massage session, the therapist will stimulate certain points to promote uterus traction.

  • Some prolonged labor cases are due to weak contraction. Insufficient energy is the cause of weak contraction. Moxibustion therapy can be used in a massage session to strengthen energy.

       Induction massage should be scheduled at 40 weeks or past the due date. 

$80 for a one-hour session


                                                            Postnatal Massage

Pregnancy, delivering a baby, and taking care of a newborn baby can cause many physical changes to the mom. After childbirth, the mom could face certain conditions, such as weight gain due to water retention, depression, energy, or blood deficiency. Postnatal massage can promote blood and body fluid circulation, clear postpartum lochia, strengthen energy, and prevent depression.

The session includes massage and other therapies for the best results.

$80 for a one-hour session 


                                             Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Edema indicates a condition that extra body fluid is stagnant in the body tissue that can cause poor circulation, pain, and other chronic health problems. Lymphatic drainage massage session includes Cupping and Guasha therapy, it is a natural and very effective treatment to eliminate extra body fluid from the body. 

$80 for a one-hour session

$50 for 40 minutes session

$120 for an hour and a half session


                                     Alternative Medicine without Drugs


The development of medicine and the extensive application of chemical drugs bring many drug-induced diseases. It had become a common aspiration of people to seek alternative medicine that is free of toxins and side effects. Cupping therapy, Moxibustion therapy, and guasha therapy are treatment methods in traditional Chinese medicine. These therapies dated back to an ancient time, today in China they are still practiced in hospitals, clinics, and people's homes. these natural therapies are very popular among the Chinese for their effectiveness and low cost.


  The Benefit of Cupping Therapy

  • Promote energy, blood, and body fluid circulation: Energy stagnation, blood stagnation, and body fluid stagnation all can lead to serious disorders. Energy stagnation can cause many health issues including depression and anxiety; poor circulation of the blood can cause heart diseases; stagnant body fluid can cause edema and tumor. Cupping therapy is the most effective method to promote energy, blood, and body fluid circulation. When Cupping therapy is applied to the entire back can stimulate the nervous system to benefit the lungs, heart, digestive system, and strengthen immunity.

  • Cupping therapy is very beneficial to people who have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and heart diseases. As we know the cholesterol in the blood accumulated on the wall of the arteries could cause a heart attack or stroke, with cupping therapy the suction force pull the cholesterol contained blood out of the blood vessels to soften the blood vessels also enable the blood goes back to the circulation system for purification. Getting cupping therapy regularly can Lower blood pressure, improve heart condition, prevent heart diseases, and stroke.

  • Cupping therapy is very effective in treating lung-related disorders, such as a cough, difficulty breathing, common cold, or flu. An asthma attack can be released with one cupping massage session. Cupping therapy can release muscle tension, open pores of the skin to eliminate pathogens through the skin, reducing fever without using antibiotic drugs. 

The Benefits of Guasha Therapy

Guasha therapy has similar functions as Cupping therapy, both therapies are very effective in promoting circulation, eliminating toxins from the body. The advantage of Guasha therapy is treating joint problems, such as stiffness of the neck, tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, swelling and painful knee, arthritis, etc. those areas are difficult to perform Cupping therapy. 


The Benefits of Moxibusion Therapy

Moxia sticks are made of some herbs that have the functions of strengthening energy, promoting blood circulation, and relieving pain. This is the best therapy to treat energy deficiency, depression, uterine fibroids, joint pain, and arthritis.


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