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Chinese Herbal Remedies

Chinese herbal medicine is a fountain of cure, a wonderful resource for taking care of health issues and avoid expensive medical costs. They are used in Chinese medicine clinics to treat various diseases and also used for the prevention of diseases.  We have been using Ever Spring products for more than 15 years in our practice. The feedback from our patients shows that the product is of high quality, safe, and effective. Ever Spring herbal remedies are made by one of the top herbal extract manufacturers in China. The factory has the most advanced technology and thousands of square miles of planting foundation. The product is approved by the FDA after a series of strict tests. In order to benefit more people, we select some very commonly used Chinese herbal remedies to sell online.  You can check your symptoms and clinical application. If some of the symptoms match yours, you can order the remedies online.

( If you have questions you may call or text me at 786-282-8733 I will be very happy to help you.  Gina )


The recommended dosage of all herbal remedies is taking two times per day, and taking 8 pills each time. They are small pills. We recommend you at least order two bottles for the first time because with the first bottle you shall see the condition is getting better. You should take the second bottle to make your improvement stable. For chronic conditions, you may need to take the remedy for a longer period of time. Different from western medicine drugs, the functions of these natural remedies are correct unbalanced conditions and nourishing the organic systems. You don’t need to take these herbal remedies for the rest of your life, and if you run out of the remedies, suddenly stop taking them won't cause any bad reaction.


The price for all Chinese Herbal remedies is $10 per bottle. Each bottle contains 200 pills.

Shipping cost is a flat-rate $6.95 per order







Hi Gina,

I came across your website when I was searching for some herbs that I'm currently taking but I'm really happy to read what you have to say about depression and over all health. I have turned to natural healing a few months ago but didn't make decision for years after. I was diagnosed with depression and was given antidepressants for years and my body couldn't take it so many side effects! I have respect for natural Chinese healing and herbs. The antipressant chemcal left me with fear of driving the freeway and I was like that since 2008 until I took Bu Zhong Yi Qi Wan and Hua Fen Min Wan two months ago! I'm now able to go back to freeway and that's a huge step for my health progress. I literally cried because I was isolated and felt embarrassed when I couldn't take friends, families or even accept a job that's a bit far from home. Anyway, what I'm saying is I think I can use your help although I don't live in your area of practice. Thanks for reading!



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