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Chinese Medical Massage Course #20-598962

This is a 12-hour live course. This course offers cupping therapy and Guasha therapy training which includes lecture, demonstration, and hands-on practice. Cupping and Guasha therapy play an important role in Chinese medicine practice.  With this training, the therapists are able to treat all soft tissue disorders effectively, such as Stiff neck, frozen shoulder, knee pain, joints pain, and muscle pain. The knowledge and skills being taught in this course will make the therapists more competitive in the healthcare field. 


Chinese Internal Medicine Massage Course #20-688612

This is a 12-hour live course.  This course focus on the training of internal medicine massage. The therapists will learn how to combine massage, Cupping and Guasha therapies to help their clients to prevent or improve the chronic health conditions. The course includes lecture, demonstration, cases study, and hands-on practice. With this training, the therapists are able to treat headaches, MS, insomnia, improving vision, improving memory, digestion disorders, fatty liver, constipation, weight loss, and more.


CE Mandatory Home Study Course #20-570329


Heart Attack First Aid Massage Course #20-669738


Introduction to Cupping Therapy Course #20-572209

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