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Depression And Anxiety Are Not Mental Disorders

Depression and anxiety are becoming very common health issues in our society. In conventional western medical studies, Depression and anxiety are considered as psychological problems. Because of this confusion, the causes of depression and anxiety are still unknown and there is no reliable treatment available in western medical practice. According to western medicine theory, manic-depression (bipolar disorder), anxiety and PTSD are all belong to mental disorders. As a matter of fact, in all mental disorder cases, most cases are depression and anxiety at physical level and can be cured easily. According to Chinese medicine theory and my practice records, the symptoms of depression and anxiety are due to unbalanced physical conditions, therefore, those cases are not belong to mental disorders. The good thing is treating physical disorders are easier than treating real mental disorders.

In my practice, depression and anxiety are not difficult cases. Depression case is different from manic-depression case. Depression is a simple physically deficient condition led to depressed mental state. The major cause is low energy.

Manic -depression is an excess and deficient mixed unbalanced condition in physical and mental state. Bipolar disorder patients have both depression and manic symptoms. The causes of Bipolar disorder and PTSD are rooted at subconscious level, for that reason they are very difficult to be cured. Physical pain which caused by soft tissue problems does not reach to the subconscious level, but the pain which is related traumatic experiences do and can influence to many life times. (Manic-depression and PTSD will be discussed in another blog.)

Most depression cases caused by over-contemplation and emotional frustration, it usually affects those who are physically in a dysfunction stage (The stage that a person in a condition that he is not sick yet also is not healthy.) and triggered by unbalanced emotions, such as grief, worry, sad and fear. Long term of living in unhappiness, worry, and fear are very energy consuming that can lead to energy deficiency. When a person's energy dropped to certain low level, he may experience some depression symptoms:

always feel tired / self-isolation / loss of interest in doing things he normally do / trouble sleeping (insomnia or excessive sleeping) / headaches / fatigue or dizzness / difficult to make decision / sweating not due to heat (Because of lack of energy, depression patient's body is damp-cold, especially his feet are cold and wet.) / heart palpitation / panic attack /suicidal thoughts

Conventional western medical studies have not been able to treat depression successfully, many depression patients taking antidepressant drugs have serious side effects. In my practice, I met many patients have been taking antidepressant medication for more than twenty years and still suffering depression symptoms. The cause of depression is energy deficiency. If a person physically in good condition, when he facing difficult situation he can have a calm and sharp mind to think well and make good decisions. How can blood against earth gravity moving upward to reach the head and nourishing the brain? It is energy pushing the blood circulate to every part of the body. That is the reason when a person's energy level below certain point can affect the person's mental state. By receiving treatment of Chinese medicine, depression and anxiety patients can quit prescription drugs and be cured in a short period of time. According to the theory of Chinese medicine and my experiences, to treat depression effectively, the following strategies can be used:

1. Massage therapy and Acupuncture treatment are very effective in releasing physical and mental stress. Massage therapy is the best way to promote Qi and blood circulation.

2. Moxibusion therapy has calming effect and is a fabulous treatment for strengthening energy.

3. Some Chinese herbal remedies can help to strengthen digestive system and promote metabolism that is the source of energy.

Here is a depression case. A man who use Chinese herbal remedies cured himself and sent me an email.

Hi Gina

I came across your website when I was searching for some herbs that I'm taking but I am really happy to read what you have to say about depression and over all health. I have turned to natural healing few months ago. I was diagnosed with depression and was given antidepressants for years, and my body couldn't take it, so many side effects! The antidepressant chemical left me with fear of driving on freeway and I was like that since 2008, until I took Bu Zhong Yi Qi Wan two months ago. I'm now able to go back to freeway and that's a huge step for my health progress. I literally cried because I was isolated and felt embarrassed when I couldn't take friends, families or even accept a job that's a bit far from home. Anyway, what I'm saying is I think I can use your help although I didn't live in your area of practice. Thanks for reading!


June, 2013

The cause and physical conditions of anxiety are opposite from depression. Most anxiety cases are caused by a person's emotion of anger that lead to liver Qi (energy) stagnation, stagnant Qi can produce toxic heat. Stagnant liver Qi also can invade stomach, heart and move up to disturb the person's mind. Anxiety symptoms can manifest suddenly, such as irritability, easy to get anger, loss of appetite, heart palpitation, over-thinking, insomnia, restlessness, even violent behaviors. The symptoms of anxiety made conventional western medical studies believe that anxiety is psychological problem and it is difficult to be cured. Chinese medicine strategies focus on promote circulation of stagnant Qi, soothing liver and eliminate toxic heat from the liver. Treatment methods include:

1. Massage and Cupping therapy can reduce the tension and promote the circulation of stagnant energy.

2. Acupuncture treatment can clear the heat and calm down the mind.

3. Chinese herbal remedies can harmonize the liver and eliminate the toxic heat from the liver.

Anxiety is an excess condition and depression is a deficient condition. In most cases excess condition can improve quicker than deficient condition. I use this article trying to explain depression and anxiety at physical level. Manic-depression and PTSD cases should be studied at spiritual level.

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