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The Best Treatment for Post-Cosmetic Surgery

Gina Yang

The post-cosmetic surgery treatment I provide includes manual lymphatic drainage massage, Guasha therapy, and Moxibustion therapy. Guasha therapy is very effective for eliminating edema. Moxibustion therapy can bring immediate results in relieving pain, anti-inflammatory, accelerate healing, and amazing results in eliminating scar tissues. You can see impressive results by the end of the first session.

This patient underwent liposuction and breast implant removal surgeries.

Left: Before the treatment, she had many bruises on her body. The first session using moxibustion treatment to relieve the pain and clear bruises.

Right: After the first session, all bruising and pain is gone. From the second session, we can start to use Guasha therapy for lymphatic drainage, and using Moxibustion therapy to eliminate scars.

This patient had Tummy Tuck surgery.

Left: Before the treatment, the scar is a little inflamed.

Right: At the end of the first session, you can see inflammation is gone and the scar is lighter.

These therapies can help shorten recovery time and reduce treatment sessions.

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