The Causes and Natural Remedies for Skin Diseases

When I was at very young age, I heard my grandma’s friend said “Doctors treat diseases but not skin diseases.” I asked my grandma why doctors don’t treat skin diseases. She told me because the skin diseases are difficult to cure, it can ruin doctors’ reputation if the patients are not getting better. Nowadays in pharmacies people still cannot find the medicines that have a good effect on skin diseases. Skin diseases are still difficult cases. A lot of people with skin problems have seen different dermatologists and specialists couldn’t find a cure. To find a cure for any disease, we need to know the cause of the disease. There are different kinds of skin diseases, I am going to explain the cause of Psoriasis, shingles and skin rashes because they have some symptoms in common, such as red, heat, itching, pain, and inflammation. These symptoms indicate the toxins and heat in the blood. Blood circulate all over the body to nourish the organs, tissues, include the skin. If a person’s blood has toxic-heat, it can show redness, itching, pain, and inflammation on the skin. How a person’s blood became toxic? Toxic-heat in the blood is related to the liver. One of the functions of the liver is purify the blood, but if the liver is toxic, when the blood passing through the liver, it will carry the toxins with it. Then how the liver become toxic? There are three conditions can cause toxic-heat accumulation in the liver.

The first condition is the person taking many prescription drugs for a long time can accumulate toxins in the liver. Dermatologists cannot successfully treat skin problems because their treatment focus on the skin, they do not treat the cause, they do not know that the skin problems can related to the disorder of an internal organ.

The second condition is many people worry about the food they eat can make their body toxic, actually most foods don’t cause skin problems, except spicy food that can produce toxic-heat in the liver.

The third condition that can cause the toxic-heat in the liver is emotional stress, especially emotion of anger.

Except skin problems, toxic-heat in the liver can also cause other symptoms such as insomnia, tinnitus, tongue ulcer, vertigo, urinary track infection, difficulty in urination, vaginitis, and hypertension.

In traditional Chinese medicine, there are two herbal remedies can take care Psoriasis, shingles, and all those symptoms effectively.

N080 Long Dan Xie Gan

This Chinese herbal remedy can dispel toxic-heat in the liver to benefit gallbladder. Clinic application include Shingles, eczema, vertigo, red eye, tinnitus and deafness, bitter taste in the mouth, difficulty in urination, constipation (stools like balls), urinary track infection, pelvic inflammatory disease, orchitis, vaginitis, and Hypertension.

N085 Pi Fu Shi Du Wan

This Chinese Herbal remedy purify the toxins in the blood to stop itching and clear skin rash. Clinic application include shingles, Psoriasis, eczema, hives, athlete’s foot, and constipation.

Avoid seafood and spicy food while taking these remedies.

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